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What to Do if Cursor Jumps Randomly While Typing MacBook

Someone recently complained:"My MacBook will jump to other places when typing suddenly. Even if Idon't touch the trackpad, this is the most annoying when writing word documents. Here are some ways to solve MacBook cursor jumping around when typing, ...

MacBook Keyboard Replacement Tutorial

I spilled chocolate on the keyboard,the problem is that it makes the entire device sticky. Try to clean it up first. The only component provided by Apple is the entire keyboard component. Moreover, the liquid can easily leak through the top case and corr...

How to Fix Screen Backlight Not Working on MacBook

One day my screen started flickering then it went black. I thought the LCD/LED screen was dead but on further investigation (shining a light through the apple logo) I found that the screen is working fine it’s the backlight. Why is my backlight How to ...

How to Fix My MacBook Pro Screen Has Vertical Lines

My Mac book prob suddenly went into a black screen with a few vertical lines on it yesterday as I was in a zoom meeting and I haven't been able to fix it. What if there are colored lines on MacBook screen? Possible Reasons for Vertical Colored Lines on M...

MacBook Keyboard Keys Replacement

Are the keycaps replaceable?I was hoping to be able to move the keycaps around on my 2016 MacBook Pro15". How to remove and MacBook keyboard replacement keys? MacBook has very fragile keycaps, and it is easy to break. But just be careful, they can b...

How to Fix Loose MacBook Hinge

I have a 13-inch MacBook Air and the hinge is damaged, which means it will almost fall with the keyboard.Moreover, whenever I adjust it, the hinge makes a shocking sound. How to fix loose hinge on MacBook? As continues to open and close the screen, the h...

How to Fix MacBook Some Keys not Working

When turning my MacBook back on I Can You Buy a MacBook Charger?

How to Fix My Laptop Battery Drops Suddenly

Why does my laptop suddenly shut down on battery when left 30 percent?If your laptop battery dies without any warning, if it happens to be working outdoors, it will bring a lot of trouble to work. So how to fix a laptop battery that dies fast? How to Fix...

How to Fix MacBook Charger not Working

One of the advantages of MacBook is its portability. But what should I do if the battery is almost dead and the charger does How to Replace Laptop Adapter

Laptop Power Adapter Market 2020

The AC adapter is used to charge the battery provide reliable power for long-term operation of the laptop. If the AC adapter fails, it will Can You Buy a MacBook Charger?