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How to Avoid Laptop Battery Swelling

Laptop battery swelling may be caused by the battery being used in an overheated environment or the battery is too old. The laptop battery uses lithium batteries. What causes the laptop battery to be swollen and how to fix swollen laptop battery?


Laptop Battery Swollen Reason

1. Generally speaking, a small amount of gas is generated inside the battery during charging and discharging of the commonly used lithium ion polymer battery, which is generally absorbed during discharge, so it is normal for the laptop battery slight swelling.

2. If the appearance of the battery is obviously bulging, it is likely that there is a problem with the battery itself. For example, the voltage and current are too large, and the battery will be overheated and deformed.

3. There is no protective plate inside the laptop battery, the distribution of positive and negative is error.

4. Other reasons may cause problems with the battery, such as the battery impurities inside, or electrolyte leakage.

5. The battery has been used for along time, and the swelling battery should be discarded, and continued use it will cause safety risks. Once it is determined that the battery is swollen and malfunctioning, you must stop using it and seek a replacement battery.

How to Avoid Laptop Battery Swelling?

1. After the battery is fully charged,please unplug the power adapter and replug it after draining battery.

2. This is especially important when using the device for the first time. when you get a new battery, please insert adapter before the battery is completely discharged. Wait for the device to turn off before you start charging the battery.

3. If you want to leave the laptop idle for a long time, please remember to remove the battery and store it separately.

4. It is forbidden to use the laptop on any fabric surface, this will make the battery fan not work properly and cause the battery to overheat quickly.

5. Try to keep the battery cool. If you want to work on the laptop for several hours, for example, it is best to lift the back of it with a book to allow better air circulation.


6. Please use a best charger. If you don't have the original charger for the battery, please get a charger with exactly the same output power as the original charger. Just choose the charging plug is suitable does not mean it is suitable for your laptop battery configuration.

7. The laptop C D cover is opened for no reason. At this time, you should pay attention. Usually in the case of battery expansion and in this case, it is usually impossible to close the back cover.

8. Store the battery in a cool and dry place. Always keep it away from flammable materials and high temperature conditions.

Discarded lithium-ion batteries should be put in an authorized recycling bin.

Final Word:

Over time, the performance of laptop batteries will decline. Therefore, if your battery is no longer rechargeable,or damaged due to a drop or impact, make sure to replace it before a swollen laptop battery. In this case, you may only need to buy a new one. If the original battery for the laptop is $65, and the universal battery found on eBay is US$9, you may need to reconsider, because it may be a poor-quality material.


Please buy the suitable original adapters and batteries for laptop from GEMWON. High-quality laptop parts and safety certification, here can save you the most cost.

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How to Fix Laptop Adapter Making Beeping Sound

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and have used it for many years. Now when I use it, why does my laptop adapter produce electric buzzing sound? Is something wrong with it?
In this post, I will tell you how to solve laptop charger making noise yourself.


It is normal for the computer adapter to make electrical noise. Because the power adapter will emit a sound with a fixed frequency when switching the power supply, because the rated power of the inductance coils of different frequencies is different, the sound of the induced current is also different.

There may be many reasons why the laptop charger making beeping noise and cannot charge the laptop correctly. Here are some possible reasons and solutions.

1. The Cord of the AC Adapter is Loose

The laptop needs to be charged with DC power, so the AC adapter will convert the AC voltage to DC voltage, but if the AC power cord is loose for some reason and the AC adapter cannot supply power normally, it will beep.

Check whether the power jack of the adapter is correctly inserted into the laptop plug. The correct jack should beeasy to plug into the laptop. Make sure that the AC power cord is properly connected and the AC adapter is working properly.

2. Check the Appearance of the Charger

Check the power cord for signs of burns, frayed wiring, and severe kinks. Any of these symptoms indicate that the adapter cord is malfunctioning and the cord needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


3. Is the Charger Overheating?

If it is, the normal working environment will not generate too much heat. Please remove the items that affect the heat dissipation of the charger and make sure that the laptop charger is working at a suitable temperature.


4. Is the wall socket supplying powernormally?

Another reason that may be a faulty power outlet. Therefore, your AC adapter cannot supply power normally and will beep.

Please make sure your AC adapter is properly connected to the socket, or try to replace the socket.

5. Laptop Adapter Short Circuit

The main reason for the beeping soundof the laptop charger is a short circuit in the DC circuit. The solution is checking the short circuit with a multimeter, and then solder it correctly, and make sure that DC "+" and DC "– " do not touch each other.

The adapter may cause a short circuit because it provides too much power. Check the voltage output of the adapter with a voltmeter and compare the reading with the value listed on the adapter. Small fluctuations above or below the listed value are normal, but if the reading changes too much, it indicates that the power cord is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If using another replacement adapter does not any noise, you need to replace the laptop charger.

If laptop charger making noise and not charging even with other adapters, and the computer need to check and repair.

6. Replace the Adapter that Beeps and Does not Working

In most cases, Dell can provide a replacement power supply compatible with your laptop model.

A laptop power supply failure should normally be covered by the Dell's warranty, unless the power supply is damaged by water or abuse. If Dell no longer has the replacement adapter or is not covered by the warranty, you can purchase a universal power adapter from most laptop repair stores. This will save you more cost than buying the laptop adapter from the brand website.


Replace the faulty power supply as soon as possible, as it may surge and damage the internal components of the laptop.


The above is about why is my laptop charger making noise and solutions. If it still cannot be repaired, I suggest you buy a new laptop charger. You can buy a new and original charger from GEMWON.

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What to Do after Buying a New Laptop

Whether you are a basic user or have a wealth of computer experience, you need some basic skills and tricks. After buying a new laptop. What should I do after buying a new laptop? By reading thisarticle, you will not become an expert, but you will better at using laptops.


1. Uninstall Software

The newly laptop or reinstalled system may have some pre-installed software. If the software is useless to you, it is recommended to uninstall it.

Some common pre-installed software:

Games in the Microsoft Store

McAfee Antivirus Program

Card Game



2. Manage Windows Self-Start Programs

Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time to bring up the task manager and click "Start"

Right-click on the item you need to ban and choose to disable the self-starting item.


3. Partition the Hard Disk

Press Windows key + R and type "diskpart", then press Enter.

Right-click the hard disk and select Shrink Volume.

Enter the space to shrink disk

Right-clickon "Create a Simple Volume"

Follow the prompts to complete the new simple volume


4. Power Plan settings

After enter Windows, please make sure you enter the personalized settings and check the power plan. Choose how long to shut down the computer after being idle, and set a screen saver. Both of these things will save battery and make your computer run longer.


5. Create a Restore Point

Creating a system restore point is equivalent to taking a picture of the computer, whichcan be used to restore the computer configuration at this restore point in thefuture.

5.1 In the search box on the taskbar, type Create a restore point, and select itfrom the list of results.

5.2 On the System Protection tab in System Properties, select Create.

Before installing a new driver or making any other system changes, make sure that System Restore is enabled.
If the worst happens, restore point will restore your computer to its previously existing state.

6. Microsoft Account

Register and log in to your Microsoft account, if you have a Windows device. After logging in, the account settings will be synchronized, including browser records, passwords, and themes.

7. Perform Windows Update

First,make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. In Windows 10, open the"Start" menu and go to "Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update".

Your Windows will search for updates and find some scripts that need to be updated, download and install, then restart your computer and perform this operation again, until the update check fails to return new update.


These updates are designed to resolve issues discovered by Windows or fix identified security vulnerabilities.

8. Install Antivirus/Firewall Software

Windows 10 does have Microsoft's antivirus software, as well as otherfree antivirus programs, which sometimes work better and provide more protection. Before connecting to the network, you need to make sure you have installed antivirus software and run all its updates.

9. Connect the Printer

For most connected printers, all you need to do is plug the printer into the USBport, open "Settings"> "Devices"> "Printers and Scanners", and make sure that the printer is listed. Click the printer name, click Manage, and then use "Print Test Page".

Ifyou want to connect to another printer through the network, open "File Explorer", click "Network", double-click the name of the computer, and then double-click the name of the printer. For how to connect the printer, you can refer to:

How to Connect Printer to Laptop Windows 10

10. Add Bluetooth Devices

Step1: Turn on the Bluetooth switch ofthe mouse. (If the computer does not have a Bluetooth module, you need to insert the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port)

Step2:Open the setting menu of the computer and find the "Device" option.

In the "Bluetooth and other devices", turn on "Bluetooth" and click "Add Bluetooth orother devices".

Select "Bluetooth" in thepop-up window.

Waita few seconds on the Bluetooth search interface, you will see the new Bluetooth device, click to pair.


Regarding updating or repairing laptop accessories/laptop keyboard/laptop adapter, you can ask GEMWON for help. Our aim is to help everyone who uses laptop.

It's to tally worth it to spend an hour or two to learn how to set up your new laptop. Whether you have just purchased a new laptop or an upgraded laptop, you should make some small investments intime to ensure the best experience in use.

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What to Do if Cursor Jumps Randomly While Typing MacBook

Someone recently complained:"My MacBook will jump to other places when typing suddenly. Even if Idon't touch the trackpad, this is the most annoying when writing word documents. Here are some ways to solve MacBook cursor jumping around when typing, you need to try one by one until you find a solution.


1. Turn off Touchpad Taps

Go to Apple menu> System Preferences> Trackpad, then cancel tap to click.

Have you turned on the touchpad to tap? It is possible that you put your finger on the trackpad or touched your wrist while typing. You can choose to keep "tap" off, or adjust the typing method to keep the touch clean.


2. Keep the Touchpad Clean and Dry

Dirt on the fingers, water and even natural oils can cause problems with the touch sensitivity of the touchpad.

Disable Trackpad:

1. Go to System Preferences.

2. Click on Accessibility.

3. Click on Mouse & Trackpad on the left.

4. Click the "Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wirelesstrackpad is present."

Enable "Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present", the problem is solved.


3. Check if there is a problem with the power adapter

If you are using a wireless trackpad or mouse, make sure the battery is fully charged and use original power adapter.

Check if there is a problem with your power adapter. Disconnect the MacBook, and then check to see if the cursor is still jumping while typing. If this solves the problem, the charger is connecting poor.

4. Boot inSafe Mode

Safe mode runs troubleshooting checks on the MacBook to help solve the problem. When you start your MacBook insafe mode, it also clears certain system caches and reduces the number of third-party applications that are launched when you log in.

Enter safe mode, if the cursor moving on its own MacBook, you can ensure that software, adware or other intrusive programs damage the cursor.

If safe mode prevents the cursor from jumping while typing, restart your MacBook again to uninstall thethird-party application until the problem is resolved.


5. Reset all PointingDevices

Connecting multiple fixed-point devices at the same time can sometimes cause interference. Your MacBook may try to jump from one to another while working, which may cause the cursor to move abnormally.

Make sure that the Bluetooth device is fully charged and has a new battery. Try to resolve the interference by unplugging and reinstalling the mouse or resetting the Bluetooth mouse.

Turn on Bluetooth in system preferences.

Delete all devices by clicking "X".

Turn the Bluetooth device on and off to make it discoverable, and then reconnect.

Uninstall and Reinstall the USB Device

After unplugging the device, use "Finder" to search for the device.

Open the application folder of the device and run the uninstaller. If your device does not have a folder, just drag the icon to the Recycle Bin.

Restart the MacBook, plug in the device, and follow the steps to reinstall the driver.


6. Reinstall the Driver

Reinstall all device drivers, such as mouse, keyboard, motherboard, touchpad, etc., and finally reinstall the input software.

Why does my cursor jump around onmy MacBook? The above troubleshooting can help you. The jumping cursor will affect your work and cause you to waste time looking for solutions. For more laptop repair tutorials and MacBook touchpad, MacBook keyboard, touchpad cable please refer to GEMWON laptop.

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How to Fix spilled water on MacBook Keyboard

MacBook Keyboard Replacement Tutorial

MacBook Keyboard Replacement Tutorial

I spilled chocolate on the keyboard,the problem is that it makes the entire device sticky. Try to clean it up first. The only component provided by Apple is the entire keyboard component. Moreover, the liquid can easily leak through the top case and corrode the parts below. How to replace MacBook keyboard for free?


Using a MacBook may cause you to consider replacing the keyboard due to various of damage. The MacBook keyboard is easily one of the most commonly used components of the device. This is why when the keyboard fails or breaks, it will drop your work efficiency.

Can the keyboard be repaired instead of replaced?

Depending on the keyboard problem you are experiencing, it may need to be repaired instead of replacing the MacBook keyboard. On some MacBook, problems such as sticky keys can be fixed by removing individual keys and cleaning them. However, if the trouble with the keyboard is more complicated, the keyboard may have to be replaced.

Apple official store fees

Without the Apple Care+ warranty, the cost of replacing the MacBook Pro keyboard at the Apple official store would be high. Depending on the model and condition of the Apple MacBook, these repairs will cost you between $600 and $1,300.

MacBook keyboard replacement DIY

If you need to replace the MacBook keyboard, you can complete the replacement yourself. You can buy all the repair tools and new keyboards online at about $40-$50.

How to disassemble the butterfly keyboard keys of MacBook Pro

1. Making Tools

Find the mineral water bottle that you have finished drinking, and use scissors to cut out a shape similar to the sizeof a small fingernail.


2. Understand the keyboard structure and disassembly sequence

Butterfly keyboard, the smallest square button, has 4 concealed buttons, the upper 2 are push buttons, and the lower 2 are push pull buttons.

Using a self-made plastic gadget,insert it into the upper left or upper part of the keyboard, or directly above it, gently slide it left and right, and lift it slightly. Once the upper pressing buckle is opened, there will be a clear sound, that is, the pressing buckle is opened, and the other side of the pressing buckle is opened in the same way.

As long as the upper 2 push-pull buckles are opened, the lower push-pull buckle comes out by lifting it up.


3. After cleaning, install keys

Contrary to dismantling, you need to insert the lower push-pull buckle first, and then press the upper two push-pull buckles one by one, and send out a crisp "click". After installing it back, try to press to see if the sound of the complete keycap is crisp and elastic.

How to clean the removed MacBook keycaps?

The keyboard caps are washed and dried one by one, and then dried, which is very simple.

Use a cotton swab to soak a small amount of clean water with a cotton swab and wipe it slowly and carefully. Do not rush and use force to prevent liquid from overflowing under the keyboard.


How to replace a MacBook keyboard for less than $30?

MacBook keyboard replacement tutorial:

This is a common technical method for replacing many MacBook keyboards. The design of some screws, buckle position and quantity will adjust the details of disassembly and assembly according to different models. You need to observe more carefully.

1. Open the back cover and disconnect the battery connector to prevent the logic board from short-circuiting.

2. Remove all screws and connectors, and remove the logic board from the chassis.

3. Remove the screen assembly from the housing.

4. Remove the I/O board (if any).

5. Remove the cooling fan and speaker.

6. Remove the battery from the case.

7. Remove the touchpad and cable.

8. Pull hard on the edge of the keyboard to break the rivets. Apple uses rivets to connect the keyboard to the top case instead of using screws. This is why we need to remove the screen parts before removing the keyboard.

9. Use special tools to remove all remaining rivets on the top cover.

10. Clean the top cover, and then put on the new keyboard. Fix the keyboard on the shell with small screws.

12. Reassemble all components in reverse order.

13. Power on the MacBook, test each key, and make sure they are all working and responding well.


GEMWON Laptop Store provides competitive MacBook keyboard spare parts, including MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook Air replacement keyboard, MacBook Pro keyboard. If the battery is okay and only the MacBook keyboard cannot work normally, we recommend that you only buy are placement keyboard. High-quality keyboard spare parts and this MacBook pro keyboard replacement guide, so that you can fix broken keyboard.

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How to Fix Screen Backlight Not Working on MacBook

One day my screen started flickering then it went black. I thought the LCD/LED screen was dead but on further investigation (shining a light through the apple logo) I found that the screen is working fine it’s the backlight. Why is my backlight not working mac laptop? How to fix MacBook display backlight not working?


Why is my Backlight Not Working Mac Laptop?

No matter which MacBook you are using, if you do not touch the keyboard or mouse, the power settings may dim the screen after a few minutes. This is a warning that the display will go to sleep soon, so adjust the sleep settings to eliminate this problem.

How to Adjust Power Settings MacBook?

1. Click the "System Preferences" icon in your Mac's dock, or click the "Apple" menu and choose "System Preferences."

2. Choose the "Energy Saver" icon from the "Hardware" area.

3. Choose "Battery"from the top of the window.

4. Click and hold on the slider next to "Display sleep" and drag it to the right to increase the amount of time before the display goes to sleep. You can set it anywhere from 1 minute to 3 hours or "Never."

5. Deselect the box that says "Slightly dim the display when using this power source."

6. Deselect the box that says "Automatically reduce brightness before the display goes to sleep" if you do not want dimming as an indicator that your display will sleep soon.

7. Select "Power Adapter" at the top of the window and use the same method to adjust your sleep settings. The "Slightly dim the display" option does not appear in this pane, as it is designed to help prolong battery life and is therefore not relevant when your computer is connected to the power adapter.

8. Click the red "X" in the upper left corner of the window to close the power saver settings when you are finished.


How to Set the MacBook Pro/Air Screen from Dimming with Ambient Light

Please open the "System Preferences" window from the Apple menu and select "Displays".Enable "Automatically adjust brightness" and your Mac will use the ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness. Disable this option and your MacBook will not perform this operation.

Check Screen Hardware

To check the display, connect the system to an external monitor to see if you can see the desktop icon on the external monitor. Then take a flashlight and place it on the desktop at an angle to see if you can see the blurred outline of your desktop icons.

If your external monitor is working properly, and the light of the flashlight allows you to see desktop icons, the problem can be attributed to a malfunction of the backlight circuit.


Okay, that's the problem. There is a chip on the logic board that converts the power from the battery (DC) to the correct voltage for the backlight LED. These are usually damaged by getting the system wet, if you have ever put the laptop on a wet surface or somethings plashed on it.

If you don't have Spilled Water on a MacBook?

A completely extinguished screen usually points to a blown fuse, and the ribbon connection inside the cover maybe damaged. Usually, I regard the recessed cover as the root cause. Has the computer been hit?

Therefore, if you open the bottom cover, you can see whether the inverter chip is damaged, and it is usually obviously burned. This is the logic board. The blue chip is what you want to view: the logic board. The display ribbon cable is connected at an angle to the logic board on the left side of the yellow marked chip.

MacBook Screen Replacement

How to replace the MacBook Screen?

Are you ready to try to replace the MacBook screen yourself? Then clean up the work area, repair tools, and follow the step-by-step guide of professional technicians.


Suction handle

Microfiber cloth

New MacBook replacement screen


1. Carefully heat the edges of the screen to remove the adhesive that binds it to the device.

2. Next, gently fix the suction cup tool on the corner of the screen and press it down until it seals.

3. Gently work the LVDS cable out of the opening in the bottom of the display frame, pull up on the ring of the suction handle to lift the screen away from the computer body.


4. Then, use the microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of the screen and the inside of the new screen to be applied.

5. Remove the covering layer of tape to prepare a new screen.

6. Use a hair dryer to heat the tape as evenly as possible on the new screen.

To reassemble, put the LCD back in the frame, and then insert the LVDS cable back through the opening at the bottom of the monitor frame.


7. Place the new screen on the top of the MacBook Pro so that it is properly aligned along the edge of the device.

8. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to gently press the edge of the screen to seal the adhesive.

9. Remove the protective cover of the new screen.

10. Finally, reheat the edge of the screen with a hair dryer, and then press to fix the adhesive.

Different models of MacBook, the cost of replacing the screen may vary.

Apple Store Fees

If you encounter a broken screen that needs to be replaced on your MacBook Pro, you may be want to the nearest official Apple Store. If you purchased Apple Care+ for your MacBook, you will be protected if accidental damage occurs. Otherwise, you may pay a huge bill for replacing the screen to repair the backlight.

Apple offers a free repair service for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which reports problems with the display.The so-called "Flexgate" issue affected MacBook Pro sold between October 2016 and February 2018. Apple said on its support page that only a small number of 13-inch MacBook Pro displays have display backlight issues.Apple said its official store or any Apple authorized service provider will provide services for affected MacBook Pro devices. It will be free.


DIY MacBook Pro Backlight Repair Cost

You can solve the MacBook Pro screen replacement yourself. If you are willing to give it a try, MacBook screen replacement kits can be found on Amazon, eBay and GEMWON laptop accessories wholesale stores. LCD Screen Glass, LCD/LED, Cover A +B+LCD complete, LCD Touch Screen for MacBook prices start from $30~$300.You can also purchase all the tools and repair parts needed for replacement.

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How to Fix My MacBook Pro Screen Has Vertical Lines

My Mac book prob suddenly went into a black screen with a few vertical lines on it yesterday as I was in a zoom meeting and I haven't been able to fix it. What if there are colored lines on MacBook screen?


Possible Reasons for Vertical Colored Lines on MacBook Screen:

When there are horizontal/vertical lines appear on your MacBook screen,

There are several possibilities that may cause this problem,

1. The MacBook was dropped,damaged to the screen.

2. The screen cable is loose or damaged, causing problems with the screen display.

3. There is a problem with the computer's motherboard or graphics card.

Before repairing the problem of your MacBook screen vertical lines, the most important thing is to know which component is wrong. We can make judgments based on the following methods.

Diagnose Hardware or Software Issues

To diagnose whether it is a software or hardware problem, try connecting your MacBook to an external monitor.

If your MacBook does not have an HDMI port, you also need to prepare a USB-C to VGA converter.

Step 1: Connect your MacBook to the monitor.

Step 2: Set the display mode. Click System Preferences-Display-Arrangement.

Step 3: Observe whether there are vertical or horizontal lines on the external monitor.

If the external monitor displays normally after the above three steps, it means that there is a problem with the screen of your MacBook, and you need to replace the screen to fix the problem.

Conversely, if the image displayed on your external monitor is also display colored lines, it means that there is a problem with internal hardware such as the motherboard or graphics card, and you need more hardware detection.


Update Graphics Card Driver

The horizontal or vertical lines on the MacBook screen are related to the software, and the most likely culprit is your outdated graphics card driver. You should upgrade it to the latest version to resolve driver compatibility issues. For this, you can go to the driver download page of the computer manufacturer to obtain the appropriate graphics card driver.



Next to try is to reset NVRAM/PRAM.

Turn off your MacBook.

Find the following keys on the keyboard: Command (), Option, P and R.

You will need to hold these keys at the same time in next step.

Turn on computer.

Hold Command ()-Option-P-R before the gray screen appears.

Hold down these keys until the computer restarts, and then hear the startup sound a second time.

Release these keys.

Please use a magnifying glass to check the logic board LVDS connector, and check the main communication cable between the MacBook logic board and LCD to see if there are any visible signs of damage, such as a liquid short circuit or a connector melting.

If the screen cable is damaged

In other words, you spill a little liquid on the screen and then dive into the cable. You can buy a new display cable and try to replace it yourself.

If the MacBook LCD Screen is Damaged

You can buy a new one and try to replace it yourself by following the instructions in "How to Replace the MacBook Unibody Glass LCD"


Go to an Apple store or repair shop:

If you want to go Apple store, you will want to check if the MacBook is still in warranty.

For this, you will need these rial number of your MacBook:

Navigate to the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen

Click "About MacBook"

Click "More Information" to do so: Please go to the Apple Store and make a clear diagnosis.


If MacBook pro vertical lines on startup and you can't fix it at Apple repair store: it may be a good idea to seek a third party. For example, buy a replacement MacBook screen from another repair shop or online. GEMWON is committed to wholesale cheap laptop replacement parts for MacBook, helping you save a lot of MacBook screen repair costs.

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MacBook Keyboard Keys Replacement

Are the keycaps replaceable?I was hoping to be able to move the keycaps around on my 2016 MacBook Pro15". How to remove and MacBook keyboard replacement keys?


MacBook has very fragile keycaps, and it is easy to break. But just be careful, they can be easily removed. It is not too complicated, but it requires some skill and a soft disassembly. Please confirm whether the layout and language match before replacement. If only the keyboard layout is different, the keycaps and hinge are still interchangeable. If the keycap shape does not match or you need another language layout, please purchase suitable MacBook replacement parts.

Howto Remove MacBook Keys?

Use a flat object to pry up from the lower right corner, tilt the lower left corner with your fingers on the other side, and lift it up forcefully at the same time. After hearing a sound, lift the upper left and upper right corners to remove the keycap. This method is only suitable for X bracket keycaps.


Howto Remove MacBook Keys for Cleaning?

First, blow compressed air under the button bracket to remove all trapped foreign objects.

Wipe the keyboard with the cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

If your keys are stuck in liquid, use alcohol and cotton swab to wipe the back of the keys.

Wipe the key dry completely with a paper.


New macbook12 Keyboard Keys Installation

Check the underside of the key to make sure that the bracket is not damaged. Check the bracket and make sure it is not damaged.

1. First, there are 4 buckles on the back of the keycap. The two keys are L-shaped and the other U-shaped. It is conceivable that they should be pulled up from above, and must not be violent.

2. Purchase a suitable keyboard paired keycap.

3. Insert the lower part first, and apply force from right to left with your fingers until you hear a click. This means that the key is properly connected to the connector joint.

4. Type with the key to ensure proper connection between the key, connector joint and connection tabs.

5. Test it several times to make sure the connection is correct and the typing is clear.

Software to Swap the keys on the keyboard to repair the broken MacBook keys

If you have a broken key but you don't want to replace keyboard, you need some third-party software,although there is a free option that is worth trying. This way, it enables you to easily swap or remap one key with another. You can define a key that is rarely used as the broken key. So, you can still input the character you want,but use another key.


Keyboard replacement for MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple authorized service providers will repair qualified MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro keyboards for free. The type of service will be determined after checking the keyboard and may involve replacing one or more keys or the keyboard.

Are you looking for an Apple keyboard? Fortunately, GEMWON online store offer the variety of Apple laptop replacement keyboards. Every MacBook laptop keyboard is 100% OEM quotation. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase, so we guarantee that if you encounter any installation or use problems, you can provide Apple laptop keyboard replacement or refund.



Learn how to remove,replace and clean the keys on your iMac, Mac or MacBook laptop with our simple MacBook butterfly key replacement guide. In addition, you can get the best online store to buy MacBook replacement parts, keyboards, MacBook fan.

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How to Fix Loose MacBook Hinge

I have a 13-inch MacBook Air and the hinge is damaged, which means it will almost fall with the keyboard.Moreover, whenever I adjust it, the hinge makes a shocking sound. How to fix loose hinge on MacBook?


As continues to open and close the screen, the hinges of the laptop may be worn. The main symptom of this problem is that the LCD screen cannot stand upright. The most likely cause is damaged or worn hinges inside the machine.

Why Need to Repair MacBook Hinge?

Hinge repair on laptops does not seem to be a serious problem. However,if the MacBook hinge is broken or damaged, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, other components such as screen connections and circuits may be damaged, which will result in high repair costs and also mean that you will not be able to use the MacBook until the screen is fixed.

Check whether the hinge or the screw on the upper cover is loose?

There are two parts to tighten the MacBook hinge:

1) Screws to fix the LCD on the top cover.

2) Screws to fix the hinge on the LCD frame.

For step 1, remove the bottom case and find two rubber covers on the hinge screws that connect the hinge to the top case. I believe they are Torxt 8. Tighten the screws on each side. If the hinge is still not tight, step 2 must be performed.

This requires removing the screws from step 1, and then completely removing the LCD from the top cover. Then you will have to slide down the plastic hinge cover and tighten the pair of screws on each side.


How to Tighten the MacBook Pro Hinge?

Tightening the loose hinge on the MacBook Pro can be done by yourself.Refer to the following steps to complete in a short time.

1. Remove the screws on the bottom of the MacBook Pro

Turn the MacBook upside down to view the screws on the bottom. Remove these screws to lift the lower case out of the computer.

2. Take Off Clutch Cover

You will need to remove the display assembly from the MacBook body. The next step is to take off the clutch cover. This is basically a plastic strip that covers the area where the hinges are. You need to remove this cover to adjust the hinges.

3. Tighten the Hinge Screws

The next step is to actually tighten the hinge screws to solve the problem. These hinge screws will be on both sides of the display.

If these screws are loose, continue to tighten them. If they look worn or damaged, you must purchase new screws.

4. Reassemble the computer

The last step is to put the disassembled parts of your computer back in place. The hinge should have been tightened and the display will open and close.


How Much MacBook Hinge Repair Cost?

The hinge on my MacBook is broken and the repair issue cannot be free because it is out of warranty. Can I buy a new MacBook hinge?

If the MacBook Air shows signs of broken or loose screen hinge, you should take it to an Apple authorized store even if it is not in the warranty, but you will spend huge MacBook hinge repair costs.

GEMWON laptop accessories can provide you with hinges in stock, so you can buy and replace them. Repair involves completely disassembling the LCD display/top cover, including using a sharp knife to separate the display bezel. If you need, we can provide you with a tutorial that provides more detailed information about fixing MacBook hinge. We can save you paying for MacBook hinge repair and reduce the difficulty of disassembly.


GEMWON offer laptop hinge procurement services for all popular brands and models including MacBook and all notebook computers. We have cooperation with many brands of original parts suppliers, so we can help laptop accessories repair store in the fastest and lowest cost.

The Bottom Line:

Although Apple's products have stood the test of time, MacBook laptops and iMac desktop computers still fail from time to time. Unlike Windows PCs or MacBook, Apple computers are more expensive to repair, including minor disassembly and assembly. The above is an affordable solution for MacBook screen hinge replacement. If it can help you, I hope you can share it with more people.

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How to Fix MacBook Some Keys not Working

When turning my MacBook back on I noticed my J key does not work. Do I need to replace the entire keyboard or is there something else I can try? What should I do if my MacBook keyboard not working?


1. Set Option to Turn off the Mouse Keys

Most of the keys on the keyboard can respond, but nothing is entered when u, i, o, j,k, l is typed.

From the replies in the forum, many people have mentioned this problem. Just cancel the setting.

The method is as follows:

System Preferences - Accessibility - Mouse and Trackpad - Options -"Press the option key five times to toggle Mouse Keys"


If the account you logged in has disabled the mouse button, but the MacBook keyboard does not respond, switch the button of the mouse button to "On" and"Off" to restore functions.

Double-clicking option 5 times is used to turn on the keyboard to control the mouse pointer, so the mouse button is the most obvious indication that the MacBook air number keys not working. When you type numbers, the mouse cursor moves very slightly.Therefore, if you try to type a number, the mouse cursor on the screen seems to be shaking in a small area.

2. Software Conflict

MacBook keyboard stops working after login. So, it may be that the keyboard is not broken. After entering the system, due to some program conflicts, the keys do not respond.

Does it happen after installing a new application? It is very common for applications to cause conflicts and cause other error. Try to delete the latest application to check if the MacBook keyboard is working.

MacBook some keys stopped working maybe caused by the driver not being loaded or the keyboard setting error. The most straightforward solution to this is to reinstall the system. If there installation MacOS is too troublesome, you can try to check background services/programs, check the programs and services whether it is normal uninstall. Troubleshooting is a waste of time and some service cannot be checked.


When resolving software conflicts. Prioritize virtual OS, optimization application,etc. Due to the operating system environment, such problems may be caused.

3. Perform PRAM Reset

Perform PRAM reset to eliminate most of the error and make them run again. Do this by pressing and holding option +command + P + R at the same time at startup (before the beep), keep holding these keys, the screen will turn black again... and then when you hear the beep the second time release.

If it fails, or the problem recurs,please follow the steps below.

How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

4. Determine if Water Damage

The keyboard is not working properly. Water may short-circuit and damage the circuit.

5.1 Remove the bottom cover, disconnect and remove the battery.

5.2 If the battery is wet, wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

5.3 Remove the hard drive and look at the controller board on the bottom of the drive.

5.4 Remove the motherboard. After removing the motherboard, clean all remaining internal components (DVD drive, touchpad, motherboard, etc.).

5.5 Check for liquid damage, corrosion, damp places, etc. on both sides of the motherboard.

5.6 Also, check the MagSafe power connection board.

5.7 Use a brush and isopropyl alcohol to remove all liquid damage/corrosion.

5. MacBook Some Keys not Working after Spill

Many users have reported repeated or unusable keys.

Usually, users will find that certain MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air keyboard keys have stopped working. In the worst case, the user finds that the space or Shift key has stopped working.

Clean the keyboard. If there is liquid or cola under the key, it may prevent the key from being pressed all the time,making the MacBook doesn't respond to key presses.

If removing individual keys and removing dirt is troublesome, then you can also replace the keyboard, which maybe expensive. If you buy a brand-new MacBook keyboard online and replace it yourself. It will not cost more by replacing the keyboard yourself or using an external USB keyboard. You may only need to pay tens of dollars in keyboard cost.


Laptop Keyboard Apple MacBook Core M 2015 12" A1534

6. Replace the Keyboard or Cable

If you can confirm that your MacBook has not experienced a series of unfortunate experiences such as flooding/slamming.

You may restart/shake/tap the laptop several times to temporarily restore the computer to normal.

It may be that the computer is overheated, which has caused high temperature deformation or loosening of the cable.

After disassembly, re-plug the keyboard cable, the keyboard and touchpad can be purchased by yourself, and the disassembly tool is also very simple, only need simple laptop repair tools.

Buy a keyboard or cable and replace it yourself. Just do it, it only takes a few minutes, and then you will get a perfectly new MacBook keyboard.


Apple After-Sales Service

Apple will inspect your machine to verify that it meets the requirements of the repair policy. As long as it meets the warranty policy, you can repair it for free.

Note that if there are any issues with your MacBook (even if not keyboard issues),Apple also need to be corrected and may charge you for this.

System Preferences

Go to System Preferences> Keyboard, then check the input and make sure that the Region and Language is in your country/region. For example, the French keyboard has "azerty" instead of "qwerty" at the top left.

Go to System Preferences> Keyboard> Input Source, and then check if the correct language is listed. If you are from the UK and you have a US keyboard installed on your MacBook, you will find that some keys are incorrect response.


The Bottom Line:

If you think the MacBook keyboard was damaged, how to repair it depends on the cause. The above is some of the reasons and solutions that may cause MacBook keys not working sometimes. If it really helps you, I hope you share it with more friends.
For more MacBook accessories troubleshooting, please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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